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Reproductive Health and Rights

Sexual and Reproductive health and Rights “SRHR”

Definition of reproductive health:
Is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, in all matters relating to the reproductive system at all stages of life. Every individual has the right to reproductive health, as the basis for the birth of healthy children, and enjoy the intimate marital relationship, and the establishment of happy families.  This includes the right of choice to all the reproductive health main areas. Every pregnancy is wanted; every birth is safe; and every young man and woman enjoys a life free from HIV / AIDS; and treats every girl and woman with dignity and respect.
Our aims:


  • Everyone has the right to enjoy his health and being free from any venereal diseases
  • Every individual in has a complete accessibility of health information related to reproductive health and rights without being influenced by the incorrect beliefs and traditions
  • Everyone has the right to choose his/her partner without any interference from a third party, and shall be entitled to choose the right family environment without being influenced by social practices.

Egypt context:
The issues of population in the last decade of the twentieth century and the beginning of the third millennium become the focus of development plans and projects of economic and social development in all parts of the world due to the integrated dimensions and their interdependence with the systems of economic, social, cultural and environmental resources.
Those emerged dimensions diverse research population issues and their interrelationships in the recent international conferences, particularly after the “ICPD” International Conference on Population and Development – Cairo 1994. This conference was a turning point to get the focus on “Themes on the interrelationship between population, sustained economic growth, sustainable development and the empowerment of women and their sexual and reproductive health and rights “SRHR””.

In this context, Egypt has made significant progress on the national health indicators over the past decades. So shooting against “MDGs” the primary health care services became available in all parts of the country, where 95% of the population living within five kilometers of primary health care centers. The results of the Demographic and Health Survey to Egypt in 2008, showed an improvement in several key indicators of health, including reproductive health care during pregnancy, medical supervision at birth and infants and children mortality. The survey also showed an increase in the use of family planning methods, and a continuous decline in fertility rates, although this decrease is slow.


Areas of our work in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights “SRHR”:


  • Maternal and child health
  • Combating harmful practices such as female genital mutilation “FGM”
  • Family planning and Early marriage
  • Sexually transmitted diseases “STDs”
  • Youth Friendly Clinics
  • Early diagnosis and treatment of breast and cervical cancer
  • Support and promote a culture of exclusive breastfeeding