Sunday , 25 February 2024
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Goals and programs


1-      To build the capacity of young people on health issues affecting them by providing them access to health information and services.

2-      To provide a safe space for young people in which they can share experiences, areas of concern and build bridges of collaboration and networking.

3-      To build partnerships with organizations working on health development (MDG 8).

4-      To advocate for effective national health policies for young people.

5-      To encourage the involvement of young people in policy and decision making using social media and ICT tools.

6-      To break taboos related to sexual & reproductive health issues including HIV/AIDS (MDG 5,6)

7-      To address violence against women including harmful traditional health practices (MDG 3)



1-      Health programs

  2. Pneumonia
  3. Hepatitis

2-      Women programs

  1. Gender based violence
  2. Women health problems “FGM, Early marriage and family planning”
  3. Sexual harassment