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Every minute of physical activity really does count, new study shows

A new study suggests something encouraging for busy people: Every minute of movement counts toward the 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity we’re all supposed to be getting each week. University of Utah researchers found that each minute spent engaging in some kind of moderate to vigorous physical activity was associated with lower BMI and lower weight. OK, that seems ...
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Skipping breakfast and heart disease: Not so simple

Men: Did you skip breakfast this morning? Guys who regularly skip their morning meal may have an increased risk of heart disease, according to a new study by Harvard School of Public Health researchers. It’s an eye-catching finding from some of the nation’s top researchers, published Monday in the journal Circulation. But the study does have some big limitations: For ...
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Sinus problems? A dose of ‘good’ bacteria may help

Some chronic sinus problems may be caused by a depletion of “good” bacteria and the presence of “bad” bacteria in the sinuses, a new study says. The findings suggest adding back some of these good bacteria to the sinuses may help treat the condition, analogous to the way probiotics may treat certain intestinal problems. In the study, the researchers analyzed ...
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Much breast milk bought online is contaminated, analysis shows

Desperate for breast milk, some new mothers who can’t nurse their babies are turning to online sources, typically strangers with ample supplies. But a new study finds that human milk bought and sold on the Internet may be contaminated — and dangerous. Nearly 75 percent of breast milk bought through the site was tainted with high levels of disease-causing bacteria, including ...
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Extreme binge drinking among high school seniors holding steady

Binge drinking among high school seniors may have declined slightly, but the rate of extreme bingeing — people who knock back more than 10 drinks at a time — has remained steady, a new study shows. University of Michigan researchers, analyzing data from a nationally representative sample of 12th graders, found that one in 10 high school seniors reported consuming ...
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Egypt NGO statement to The Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against women “CEDAW”

Although Egypt has not made reservations on article 11 and on article 12 of CEDAW, yet the implementation of these two articles in rural areas are characterized by obvious discrimination against rural women. Both health services and employment opportunities are very much limited in villages where the Alliance has been working. The quality of health services is much below the ...
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