Tuesday , 6 June 2023
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About us

Egyptian Youth Association for Health Development (EYAHD) is a youth led nongovernmental nonprofit organization that completely run by young people and committed to work with and for young people.

We started as GYCA team of Egypt since 2005 to strengthen local communities through endorsing positive contributions for young people’s participation in health related issues.

We worked in slum areas of 8 governorates in Egypt in partnerships with more than 40 local NGOs from the local communities.

Our aim is to create positive change by improving and promoting youth participation in health and social related issues.

Women and young people are the core of our work. EYAHD strives to improve and promote the social change through active engagement of young people in development and implementation of policies and plans that promote improved sexual and reproductive health and gender equality and prevent gender based violence, major health problems including Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, and Pneumonia.